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Official Visit of a Member of the Board of the Luxembourg-Ukraine Chamber of Commerce to the Company Office

Official Visit of a Member of the Board of the Luxembourg-Ukraine Chamber of Commerce to the Company Office

At the global tech conference of new digital and venture projects in Europe, ICT Spring 2023, in Luxembourg on June 29–30, 2023, Simcord participated as a technical partner of the Research Center of Economic and Legal Solutions in the Area of Application of Distributed Ledger Technologies in the development of advanced technical solutions for the Agrobon project (https://www.simcord.com/en/news/global-tech-conference-ict-spring-2023-in-luxembourg).

The Agrobon project was presented in the Ukrainian pavilion at ICT Spring 2023 with information support of IT Cluster Transcarpathia, which includes Simcord as well. With the support of the Regional State Administration, the IT Cluster strives to create a favorable environment for the productive work of all companies that form the Transcarpathian IT community as a whole.

On August 9, 2023, a meeting of the Board of IT Cluster Transcarpathia was held in the Transcarpathian Regional Administration in Uzhhorod, which was attended by Arnaud Lumet, a member of the Board of the Luxembourg-Ukraine Chamber of Commerce and co-organizer of the Ukrainian pavilion at the fintech conference ICT Spring 2023. In addition, the meeting was attended by representatives of the Research Center of Blockchain Solutions, Regional State Administration and residents of IT Cluster Transcarpathia, in particular, Simcord (https://www.facebook.com/odazakarpattya/posts/pfbid034hgndw6ZjzyhNUgV1FJYRSfLAM1yKDFaws3NhnpeQhbJCLDVwsF1FGka496Mb2v1l).

As part of his visit to Ukraine, Arnaud Lumet also visited Simcord’s office in Mukachevo, where the presentation and critical risk test of the project “Modernization of E-commerce Based on the Blockchain Technology and Escrow Account” took place. This project was initiated in Transcarpathia in 2022–2023 and has high export prospects in EU global financial centers and banks. At the meeting, the emphasis was placed on the concept and stages of implementation of the Ukrainian innovative Agrobon project, including the Commercebon software solution for making transactions on pre-ordering a product/service with deferred payment without an advance payment on the Internet through an escrow account.

A lively discussion after the presentation as well as a series of questions and answers about the Agrobon project, the Bitbon System and Simcord’s activities were businesslike and constructive, which allowed identifying priority steps for the development of further cooperation.