We do not wait for the future to happen.
We build it today.
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    20 years of working
    in the innovation
    technology market
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    more than 130
    qualified staff
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    more than 70000
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    140 registered
    objects of intellectual
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    more than 30
    unique products
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Blockchain technology Blockchain technology Blockchain technology Blockchain technology Blockchain technology

Blockchain Technologies

Simcord Company is an integrator of
blockchain technologies in modern society,
which allows developing progressive forms
of social and economic relations
between business and state.

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Bitbon System

The Bitbon System is related to information
technology, which is designed to develop
a qualitatively new level of relations in
the economic and legal fields.

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Bitbon system Bitbon system

Simcord Company’s

The activity of Simcord Company
is aimed at creating and developing new
economic and legal models as well as hardware and software
complexes based on the distributed
ledger technology (blockchain).

ISO Certification

The Company’s compliance with the international
quality management standards is confirmed
by the ISO 9001:2015 quality certification.