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Software solutions for running high-tech businesses

Blockchain Protocols and Consensus Algorithms

Development of blockchain protocols and consensus algorithms for growing well-functioning businesses.
  • Integration of blockchain networks into information systems.
  • Development of blockchain protocols.
  • Development of consensus algorithms.
  • Development of smart contracts.
  • Modification and improvement of the existing blockchain platforms.
  • Development and implementation of consensus protocols for distributed systems.

Building Analytical Stacks for Processing Big Data

Development of various systems for classifying and predicting big data.
  • Software tools for analyzing data on operating activities (R, Python and NoSQL).
  • Using big data for optimizing and increasing the efficiency of IT processes.
  • A high level of protection of confidential data when storing, transferring and using them in all systems.
  • Conversion and systematization of data.
  • Simulation, spatial and statistical analysis, and data visualization.
  • Minimization of risks and consequences of cyber attacks in real time.

Market Liquidity Aggregation Systems (Capital Management Systems)

The proposed systems meet the high security and reliability requirements for modern software products and ensure a high level of confidentiality.
  • Working with banks, FX brokers and crypto exchanges.
  • Operating according to standard (FIX) and specialized protocols.
  • Processing financial transactions.
  • Monitoring the movement of funds.
  • Monitoring financial transactions.
  • Monitoring suspicious financial activity.
  • Providing integrity and confidentiality of information.
  • Generating financial statements.
  • Developing innovative capital management models, which allow using the potential of financial markets as efficiently as possible.

Developing Tools for Providing Brokerage Services Regarding Transactions with Derivative Financial Instruments

Professional customer support due to a flexible system, which meets the needs of brokerage companies with different approaches and preferences.
  • Stock and bond brokerage services.
  • Investment brokerage services.
  • Brokerage services in the field of investment in securities and products.

Hardware and Software Complexes for Trading on Global Financial Markets

Development of hardware and software complexes with strict requirements for security, fault tolerance and reliability as well as performance and speed of system’s response.
  • Trading server administration.
  • Rental of computer software.
  • Software update.
  • Generating detailed statements on the status of trading accounts.
  • Monitoring, balance control and liquidity management.
  • Generating detailed statistical and management reports.
  • Analyzing trading signals based on basic risk management algorithms in order to minimize the potential risks and greatly increase the total profit.

Website and Web App Development

Development of websites and web apps taking into account modern technological requirements based on individual customer demands.
  • Specification development.
  • Website structure development.
  • Analysis of market situation and statistics (analysis of competitors).
  • Development of out-of-the-box concepts and unique designs.
  • Software development.
  • Search engine optimization.
  • Integration into social networks.
  • Testing and browser testing.

Mobile App Development

Development of mobile apps taking into account specific features and special requirements of Android and iOS platforms.
  • Development of mobile app structure.
  • Analysis of market situation and statistics.
  • Design development.
  • Software development.
  • Optimization.
  • Testing.
Models for servicing
business strategies

Organization of Information Security Systems

A set of proven techniques for creating a reliable, effective and comprehensive information security system.
  • Information infrastructure analysis.
  • Information risk assessment.
  • Development and implementation of information security policy.
  • Analysis of information system vulnerabilities.
  • Audit of information systems.

Legal Advice and Support

Providing legal advice based on the comprehensive analysis of business tasks and fundamental knowledge of international law and practical experience in the legal field.
  • Support in drawing up scientific, research and expert opinions in economic and legal fields.
  • Advice on how to create (Asset Digitization Procedure), use and inherit digital assets.
  • Obtaining licenses in financial and technical fields in different countries.
  • Intellectual property protection.

Consulting Services in Digital Technologies on Global Financial Markets

Providing advice on the implementation of digital technologies into businesses, which is based on many years of practical experience.
  • Supervision of projects related to digital assets and the blockchain technology.
  • Consultations on general issues (providing expansion to the global international markets, estimation of major projects, supervision of projects at all implementation stages, search for the best possible options for project implementation).
  • Financial advice (supervision of asset documentation procedure, organization of processing and Cash Flow calculations).
  • Marketing services (marketing and PR of business projects, development of marketing strategies and preparation of promotional materials).
  • Technical advice (creating technical base of the project from scratch, studying the existing technical capabilities of the project and drawing up technical specifications).

Comprehensive Solutions for Customer and Technical Support

Development of automated systems for Customer verification and data processing optimization.
  • Processing Customers’ requests to create or change their credentials.
  • Processing Customers’ requests to activate products and services.
  • Verifying the compliance of Customers’ credentials with the laws and regulatory documents.
  • Verifying and adjusting separate parameters of Customers’ requests.
  • Monitoring the relevance of Customers’ credentials.
  • Targeted mailing out.
  • Generating reports on Customers.
  • Generating reports for regulators.
  • Analyzing biometric data.
  • Setting up directories and individual request handling parameters.
  • Solving all problems related to keeping software and equipment operational as well as to providing quality service.

Load Testing, Modeling of Efficiency and Performance of Apps

Software and automated testing.
  • Performance testing.
  • Stress testing.
  • Volume testing.
  • Stability/reliability testing.

News Flow and Data Aggregation

Modern technologies of automated grouping of documents and their adaptation to dynamic information flows.
  • Localization of information in economic, legal and social fields.
  • Creating and developing data retrieval systems as effective tools for providing information support to Customers.
  • Monitoring and adaptive aggregation of information.

APIs for Developers

Development of APIs to connect external systems with servers.
  • Developing custom APIs according to individual needs of brokerage companies.
  • API testing support and further integration.
  • Technical support and maintenance in operation mode.
  • Customizing authorization and mechanisms of API tokenization (security).