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Products and Services

Products and Services
Bitbon System

Bitbon System

The Bitbon System is a comprehensive software and hardware platform solution, which is a decentralized social network for tokenization of socioeconomic relations between the state, business and citizens.

The functionalities of the Bitbon System allow implementing new methods for accounting and management of property as well as conducting social relations, including legal relations, through tokenized assets, which contributes to the modernization of e-commerce.

Bitbon Digital Asset

Bitbon is software in the form of a base subsystem that provides access to the functionalities of the Bitbon System infrastructure. Bitbon units, which represent activation code software, are an integral part of Bitbon. The number of Bitbon units determines the scope of rights for a User to activate the necessary functionalities of the Bitbon System infrastructure.

Bitbon Digital Asset
One Space Service

One Space Service

One Space is a (web and mobile) app that is the base service of the Bitbon System, which is part of the Bitbon System infrastructure to ensure the interaction of its Users as well as efficient and secure management of tokenized assets through its functionality.

Meta Studio DEAsset Tokenization

Meta Studio DE is the base service of the Bitbon System designed for registration, as well as decentralized storage and accounting of digitized objects for further use, including creating tokenized assets based on them.

The functionalities of the service allow creating tokenized assets in order to manage digital access to objects of legal relations and to dispose of rights to such objects in new ways.

Meta Studio DE
E-commerce Deal Accounting Complex (eDAC)

E-commerce Deal Accounting Complex (eDAC)

E-commerce Deal Accounting Complex is a software package for the tokenization of legal relations with funds, which provides the processes of issuing, accounting and management of tokenized funds as well as integration and reliable interaction with custodians (banks, financial organizations, etc.).

AMS Service (Account Management System)

Account Management System is an adaptive customer verification system that automates the data processing. AMS is managed through a web interface. The main function of the system is to store and manage accounts with guaranteed security of transactions and with AML (Anti-Money Laundering) international standards compliance.

Using AMS, you can perform the following tasks

  • process the requests received from customers for creating or changing credentials;
  • process the requests received from customers for connecting products and services;
  • verify the compliance of a customer’s credentials with the laws and regulations;
  • verify and adjust separate parameters of customer’s requests;
  • monitor the relevance of a customer’s credentials;
  • generate targeted mailings;
  • generate reports on customers;
  • generate reports for regulators;
  • analyze biometric data;
  • set up directories and individual parameters while working with requests.
Account Management System
iPro Marketplace Trading and Analytical Platform

iPro Marketplace Trading and Analytical Platform

iPro Marketplace is a trading and analytical platform, which integrates comprehensive functionalities and advanced interface solutions for trading on global financial markets.

iPro Marketplace embodies cutting-edge software developments in the field of platform solutions, which include a set of services for efficient analysis of financial markets, necessary tools for organizing and conducting effective trading activities, an ergonomic and user-friendly interface, a block for analyzing and generating detailed trading reports as well as modules for developing, testing, and managing automated trading strategies.

SSO Service(Support System Operator Workplace)

SSO allows you to automate business processes in the customer support departments. The software product is designed to ensure effective interaction with customers as well as to provide information and consulting support.

SSO allows you to perform the following key tasks

  • registration and processing of incoming customer requests;
  • generating and sending SMS notifications;
  • static and intelligent routing of calls;
  • redistribution of requests according to the load of employees of the customer support department;
  • storing the history of customer requests;
  • generating reports on closed requests;
  • quality control of stuff performance of the relevant departments.

SSO provides organization of high-quality work for establishing successful communication with customers.

Support System Operator Workplace
Liquidity Management System

LMS Service(Liquidity Management System)

LMS implements business processes that provide trade execution between liquidity providers (Liquidity provider, LP) and brokers using the iPro Server (trading server). Liquidity aggregation and control technology of quotes flow ensure the supply of the best prices and the fast execution of orders.

The service also includes

  • Choosing a provider from those already used or connecting to a new provider;
  • Choosing the broker’s operating mode as a liquidity provider for other brokers;
  • Choosing ways to combine providers for orders processing: at the best price, at the best volume, at the highest rate, re-processing in case of execution rejection;
  • Enabling/disabling providers while maintaining the quality of order processing;
  • Managing the price flow and schemes of order execution;
  • Using the provider reservation scheme in case of its disconnection or unstable operation;
  • Generating various types of reports for financial management of LP-accounts as well as monitoring the status of system components.

We offer a wide range of opportunities to build a market of the required configuration with a high level of optimization for your tasks.

iPA Technology

iPA (Intelligent Processing Algorithms) are algorithms of intelligent processing of trading signals. The uniqueness of iPA technology lies in the software module, which analyzes trading signals based on the basic algorithms of risk management in order to minimize potential risks and multiply the total profit. While being processed, the algorithms determine a necessity to modify, block or use trading signals in the initial form.

Intelligent Processing Algorithms

Website Development, Hosting, Administration

The projects on building websites are implemented considering modern technologies and necessary requirements at all stages of the full cycle. We carry out a comprehensive business analysis, determine competitive advantages of your company subsequently applying data in the concept design and website architecture. A systematic approach combined with a focus on the individual needs and wishes of each Customer contribute to the development of a quality product. You can use hosting and administration services as well as related services to support the web resource, including optimization and promotion with the help of effective tools.