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Structure of Simcord

Effective interaction — a high standard of realization

Rapid changes in the global business environment require Simcord to ensure a flexible management structure with a high level of adaptation to new conditions. The Company operates according to the approved Regulations on Matrix Management Structure of Simcord.

The implementation of the Company’s activities in accordance with the standards of the matrix organizational structure of management ensures effective functional interaction of employees of all structural divisions within the services and projects of the Company due to well-established management systems, including remote management systems.

The Company is guided by the following principles:

  • Transparent model for managing business processes and cooperation with external Partners.
  • Building an effective team in accordance with the business demands.
  • Preventing bureaucracy of any type.
  • Ability to integrate various Company’s activities within specific projects and areas.
  • Acceleration of technological improvement.
  • Delegation of authority from the top management to the middle one maintaining control over essential decisions at the highest level.
  • Personal responsibility of each manager both for the whole project and for separate stages of its implementation as well as individual responsibility of each employee for the overall performance.
  • Rapid response to changes in the external environment and timely adjustment to new conditions.
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