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Simcord Company Offers Strategic Partnership

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Сотрудничество Simcord

Open Management

Guided by the principles of openness and transparency when making management decisions, the Company invites specialists and experts from various areas in the fields of economy, finance and law to productive cooperation in order to form and develop innovative business environment based on Blockchain technologies.

Managers of big IT companies and corporations, specialists in exchange trading, experts in financial and legal fields and public figures are invited to cooperate as Independent Directors.

You can view the current system and principles of Company
management on the “Structure of Simcord Company”
page in the Regulations on Matrix Management Structure of SIMCORD.

Scientific and Legal Fields

Distributed ledger technology (blockchain) has provided a unique opportunity to develop new models of economic and legal relations. The Company is forming a scientific and legal basis for development of the digital economy based on information and ways of its application in building new social and economic relations.

Lawyers, scientists and researchers are invited to cooperate as Advisers for joint works on forming the definitions and principles of operation of the new economic model with further integration into global processes.

Only generation of ideas, scientific research, innovative technologies
and business solutions can become a way of making the world a better place.

Development of the Bitbon System

The Bitbon System is a complex mechanism for creating a global digital ecosystem founded on new economic and legal relations that are based on technologies of public distributed ledgers (blockchain).

Representatives of business community, financial institutions, government and public organizations are invited to cooperate as Bitbon System Operators. Join us in building a new socially-oriented network of the future.

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