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Update of the Bitbon Protocol

Update of the Bitbon Protocol

Today, the update of the Bitbon Protocol took place, which is the final document of creating the information resource derivative of the asset of SIMCORD LLC, which establishes the attributes and properties of the Bitbon digital asset, as well as terms and conditions of its circulation in the Bitbon System based on the blockchain technology. In particular, new information was added to Appendix No. 2 “Asset of SIMCORD LLC”, which is an extract from the inventory passport to the nonmonetary asset “Infrastructure Asset of the Bitbon System — Simcord”. Thus, the new version of the Bitbon Protocol was supplemented with two patents: “The Method for Executing a Money Transfer Transaction for a Specific Purpose” (No. 138628 dated December 10, 2019) and “Digital Asset Transfer System” (No. 139012 dated December 10, 2019). These patents were entered into the Digital Patent Library of the State Enterprise “Ukrainian Intellectual Property Institute” (Ukrpatent).

Additionally, 12 trademarks and patents are currently at the stage of confirming the registration in over 20 countries, which is part of the general strategy of the Company regarding international promotion. These objects of intellectual property increase the backing of Bitbon.

You can view the changes to the Bitbon Protocol by following the link: