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The Next Stage of the Bitbon System Trademarks Registration

The Next Stage of the Bitbon System Trademarks Registration

The year 2018 has turned out to be very productive for Simcord Company in terms of registering its own trademarks.

For example, Bitbon Trademark alone, out of 31 previously filed international applications this year, has received registration in 11 countries: Mexico (registration number: 1326152), Turkey (registration number: 1326152), New Zealand (registration number: 1381823), France (registration number: 1381823), Spain (registration number: 1381823), Singapore (registration number: 1381823), Denmark (registration number: 1381823), Belarus (registration number: 1381823), Italy (registration number: 1381823), Switzerland (registration number: 1381823) and Hong Kong (registration number: 304252608). As a result, the registration of Bitbon Trademark has already been approved in 20 countries.

Bitbon Space Trademark (registration number: 1385729) has also received an international registration in 8 countries: Germany, Great Britain, Singapore, Australia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and China. The registration of this Trademark in Switzerland, Japan, the United States of America and Cyprus by World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) is expected to happen in 2019.

The registration process of our Trademarks in Ukraine continues. Ukrainian Intellectual Property Institute (Ukrpatent) registered 3 new Trademarks: bit.Trade (registration number: 250158), Contributing (registration number: 244663) and Contributor (registration number: 244664).

Additionally, Bitbon System Trademark has already been registered in Ukraine (registration number: 238013) and Great Britain (registration number: UK00003258297), while an international WIPO application for its registration has been filed in Australia, Belarus, Japan, Switzerland, China, Germany, Kazakhstan, Russia, the United States of America, Singapore and Cyprus.

In 2018, Assetbox Trademark was registered in Ukraine (registration number: 241012), and the process of its international registration (registration number: 1435065) started in Australia, Belarus, China, Germany, Great Britain, India, Japan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Singapore, the United Stated of America and Cyprus.