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Strategic Partnership Proposal

Strategic Partnership Proposal

Simcord conducts its activities in accordance with the development strategy published on the official website in order to pursue its strategic goals and achieve productive interaction with stakeholders. At the same time, Simcord, as the First Operator, ensures processes for the development and maintenance of the Bitbon System infrastructure.

On June 18, 2024, our Company received a current proposal from our strategic partner – GLOBAL DAM COMPUTER SOFTWARE TRADING CO. LLC. This proposal is related to the implementation of the marketing strategy, development and promotion of the Bitbon System start-up through the ERBB service in the cryptocommunity. You can find the proposal in a separate document at the following link.

After studying the proposal, we decided to consider the possibility of using the resources of the Bitbon System Capitalization Fund, as well as to initiate corresponding voting among Bitbon System Participants.

We invite all Bitbon System Participants to read the proposed agenda, the voting regulations (procedure) and take part in open voting, which will begin at 10:00 UTC 28/06/2024, and will last until 22:00 UTC 30/06/2024.

You can take part in voting in a special Telegram channel at the following link: https://t.me/bitbon_system_vote_bot?start=bfe773397c7a5.