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Simcord — Expert and Adviser in Legislative Activity of Ukraine

Simcord — Expert and Adviser in Legislative Activity of Ukraine

As we all know, right now there is a public discussion of the Draft Law of Ukraine “On Virtual Assets” dated May 18, 2020. As part of this discussion, the working group of the Research Center of Economic and Legal Solutions in the Area of Application of Distributed Ledger Technologies sent comments and suggestions regarding this Draft Law to the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, which can be found by following the link https://www.facebook.com/ResearchCenter.official/posts/175186307291012.

These comments were made based on the research of the Draft Law conducted by the experts of the Research Center of Blockchain Solutions on the correctness and inaccuracies of the principles of regulating virtual assets in Ukraine specified in it, based on which an alternative approach was proposed that excludes obvious mistakes made by the authors of the Draft Law.

The formation of scientific and legal substantiation of amending the Draft Law “On Virtual Assets” involved experts of Simcord Company according to one of its activity areas. Simcord acted as an expert and adviser in Ukrainian legislative activity regarding the development of the country’s economy using products and information systems based on the blockchain technology. The work of the Company’s experts in this field is aimed at developing and adopting regulatory legal acts and laws that contribute to a more rapid and effective integration of products, which emerged due to global trends related to the use of information platforms based on cutting-edge technologies.