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Regulations on Matrix Management Structure of Simcord. Version 3.0

Regulations on Matrix Management Structure of Simcord. Version 3.0

Simcord presented a document on its matrix management structure in 2019, which allowed introducing and successfully developing various types of activities as part of projects and areas, as well as timely responding to changes in the external environment with new realities.

Over five years, the Simcord team has launched new products and services as well as continued the development of the Bitbon System infrastructure. As of today, the Bitbon System start-up is 76% ready for a full-fledged commercial implementation.

Due to the results of the Company’s activities for the specified period, the necessity to introduce a special monitoring system that allows controlling the achievement of set goals and plans as well as budget expenses and financial indicators has arisen. Meanwhile, the Company’s activities are ensured through the implementation of the budget process. In addition to these two main points related to the budget process and management controlling, the “Regulations on Matrix Management Structure of Simcord” also include amendments and clarifications aimed at achieving high efficiency indicators and ensuring the sustainable development of the Company.

Today, the current version 3.0 of the Regulations on Matrix Management Structure of SIMCORD has been published on the Company’s official information resource.