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Registration of Trademarks and Patents of the Bitbon System

Registration of Trademarks and Patents of the Bitbon System

Simcord Company continues promoting its own intellectual developments and trademarks. Let us remind you that Bitbon Trademark has been successfully registered in Australia (registration number: 1844127, date received: 2017).

In the near future, BitbonTM will be registered in a number of countries: Denmark, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Iran, New Zealand, Singapore, Turkmenistan and France. As of September 22, 2017, our international application for registration of BitbonTM has been assigned the number 1381823. The application is published on the website of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), and anyone can read it.

In addition to BitbonTM, Simcord Company is actively promoting several patents and trademarks. For example, last autumn, Bitbon System Trademark was registered in Ukraine.

In September 2017, we submitted an application for registration of a logo for our innovative development, Bitbon System. Very soon, this unique logo will be officially registered in the United Kingdom (application registration date: 2017, application number: UK00003258297).

One more trademark has been successfully registered in Ukraine. Bitbon SpaceTM has received an official status in Ukraine (registration number: 233478, date received: 2017), and this event has contributed a lot to our plans for advancement on the global stage.

This can be confirmed by the fact that an international application has been submitted in order to register Bitbon SpaceTM in such countries as the United States, the United Kingdom, China, Cyprus, Germany, Kazakhstan, Russia, Australia, Japan and Singapore (registration date of the international application: 2017, international application number: 1385729).

Simcord is a dynamically developing company conducting activity in the field of research and development, that is why obtaining patents for our intellectual inventions and high-tech products is of great importance to us and requires due attention.

Our patent “The Method for Executing a Digital Value Transfer Transaction and the Digital Value Transfer System for Its Implementation” is in the process of registration right now, and very soon we will receive an international certificate (application number: PCT/UA2017/000068, date of publication in the WIPO database: November 16, 2017).

Applying for registration of Crypto Value Logo in Ukraine has become an important event for the Company. We have conducted extensive work to implement our progressive technology in the digital economy sector.