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Registration of Bitbon Trademark Gains Pace

Registration of Bitbon Trademark Gains Pace

Registration of Bitbon Trademark is an important stage in the development of Simcord Company. Currently, Bitbon Trademark is already registered in many countries, which allows us to introduce progressive technologies of the Company to the global community as well as ensure its international status and active brand promotion.

Trust and high quality of provided services are the main principles of our Company, which we followed when creating the Bitbon System — an innovative product in the field of digital economy.

Having enlisted your support, we will be able to improve ourselves and reinforce our actions much faster. The actual proof of this is the Bitbon Trademark registration, which gives you the opportunity to use the unique financial instrument, Bitbon, thus facilitating its promotion.

Currently, Bitbon Trademark has an official status in several countries considered as leaders in the field of digital economy, which include:

  • United States of America (date received: 2017, registration number: 5,193,627);
  • Germany (date received: 2017, registration number: 1326152);
  • United Kingdom (date received: 2017, registration number: WO0000001326152).

The Trademark has also been registered in Ukraine (date received: 2016, registration number: 220286).

At the moment, the registration procedure continues. In the last two months, Bitbon Trademark has been registered in a few more countries:

  • India (date received: November 8, 2017, registration number: 1326152);
  • Russian Federation (date received: November 9, 2017, registration number: 1326152);
  • Kazakhstan (date received: October 3, 2017, registration number: 1326152).

Of course, Simcord Company does not plan to rest on laurels, and in the near future, registration is expected to be confirmed in the following countries: Japan, China, Australia, Cyprus, Mexico, South Africa, Turkey, Hong Kong, the United Arab Emirates, Canada and Malaysia.

On the website of WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization), applications have been published for registration in a few more countries, such as Switzerland, Singapore and New Zealand (international registration numbers have not been assigned yet but, as mentioned before, information on the state of submitted applications has already been published on the website of WIPO).


The trademarks are registered through the Madrid system, an international trademark system, which is a universal solution for international registration of trademarks and their management. While filing one application for the registration of a logo (trademark), in which the logo is assigned one registration number, it is possible to protect the logo in the territory of 98 member states.

The Madrid system is administered by the International Bureau of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

To get detailed information, please visit the website of the World Intellectual Property Organization.

World Intellectual Property Organization
World Intellectual Property Organization

Trademark registration is an integral part of not only brand recognition, but also of the Company’s success. Popularization of Bitbon all over the world allows bringing to life the main idea of Simcord Company — implementation of an optimal instrument as part of the next-generation economy of the new digital level.