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Publication of the Bitbon System Foundation Documents

Publication of the Bitbon System Foundation Documents

On March 10, 2018, two foundation documents will be published on the official website www.bitbon.space in the “Bitbon System” section:

  • Bitbon System White Paper” — the document containing detailed information on the Bitbon System based on the Blockchain technology, comprehensive data on the Bitbon System components and stages of their launch, and determining the development stages of the Bitbon System until 2025.
  • Bitbon System Public Contract” — the digital document, a basic foundation agreement between all Bitbon System Participants regulating the procedure for cooperation between the Bitbon System Participants.

The publication of these documents is determined by our desire to promote a clear understanding of principles and prospects laid down in the Bitbon System for all Participants.

Please note that, in the next 24 hours after the publication of the above-mentioned documents, you will be able to use the actual advantages of the Bitbon System by means of the Bit Trade Exchange of Digital Assets, which is now at the final stage before the launch.

Along with the launch of Bit Trade, the following pages will become available on the website www.bitbon.space in the “Blockchain Statistics” section:

  • Bitbon Transactions” page shows the information on Bitbon transactions in the Blockchain, which allows each Bitbon System User to freely monitor the number of executed transactions and ensures transparency of financial relations between all Users.
  • “Network Activity” page contains statistical information in the form of various indices and indicators, which allow analyzing the network activity status in the Bitbon System based on the Ethereum Blockchain technology.