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Prioritization of the Resources of Simcord Company. Closing the Gelan Trawler Project

Prioritization of the Resources of Simcord Company. Closing the Gelan Trawler Project

As you know, one of the main activity areas of Simcord is the development and promotion of its unique and innovative product, the Bitbon System, which allows its Users to build any kind of relations in any areas of life based on the blockchain technology. In light of this, as part of the prioritization of the Company’s resources, all its current projects have been analyzed to see if they are still of interest, as well as if they provide the preferential possibilities to the Partners and Customers considering the latest advances in information technologies and taking into account the main activity area of Simcord.

Our experts have reviewed the general concept of the Gelan Trawler project launched back on September 9, 2009. It is the launch of this project that is considered to be the starting point of Simcord’s business activities, which allowed developing and implementing other products and services of the Company thereafter. Such products include, among others, the Gelan Trawler trading system, the FxMarketWave platform for wave analysis, iPro Marketplace trading and analytical platform, and the iPA technology. From now on, all the resources, as well as all the intellectual and production potential of Simcord will be used to promote the Bitbon System using the most up-to-date marketing methods and tools.

In view of this, we would like to inform you that the http://www.gelantrawler.com/ website has completed all its tasks given its initial purpose and functionality. Its domain name servicing will be suspended starting from May 22, 2020.

Dear Gelan Trawler Customers! Thank you for working with us!

This world is ever-changing. New developments, scientific discoveries, global progress, and innovative technology — they all contributed to the emergence of a brand new philosophy and, therefore, a concept of completely new markets anyone can participate in. Nowadays, the market of blockchain-based information resources, products and services is not just a technological novelty, but also modern tools to massively transform the economic and social sector, which is absolutely revolutionary.

As we keep ourselves informed of the development of various technologies, we understand that we need to focus on the most promising areas so that our Partners and Customers could adjust and, as the global financial system is being transformed and the blockchain technology is widely used, not only secure their future, but have a decent life here and now.