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Official Position of Simcord Company on Preserving the Production Cycle

Official Position of Simcord Company on Preserving the Production Cycle

Due to the current situation in the world brought about by the outbreak and spreading of COVID-19 caused by coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, Simcord deems it necessary to inform all users of products and services of the Company about its official position on the ongoing situation. In particular, to let you know about the actions and preventative measures taken in order to ensure full operation of all of its structural units.

At the moment, all countries are taking the required measures to localize, slow down and stop the spreading of coronavirus. Ukraine is also making the relevant decisions at the state level, to which Simcord is reacting in due time:

  • As part of social programs of the Company, all employees and their family members participated in the preventative program.
  • The Company developed a special route for each employee to comfortably and safely get to work engaging all required resources.
  • Many employees are given the opportunity to work remotely.
  • Health of all employees of the Company is being constantly monitored.

Due to the fact that all organizational and technological processes are under control, the production capacity of Simcord remains unchanged and allows preserving the entire production cycle of the Company the way it was before the outbreak of COVID-19.

Thus, Simcord Company not only continues its operation, but it also maintains business connections with its representatives and Partners. All of that is aimed at completing tasks in time while achieving the traditionally high quality of products and services of the Company.