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Meeting of Simcord’s Partners in Turkey

Meeting of Simcord’s Partners in Turkey

As you are aware, it has always been important for Simcord to inform the community about its development plans, as well as about launches and updates of its products and services, in particular the Bitbon System, which is currently a priority product of the Company. To this end, Simcord not only publishes news on its official information resource, but hosts various events as well: workshops, scientific conferences, trainings, webinars and business meetings.

The pandemic significantly impacted our plans in terms of holding the Company’s events, some of which, unfortunately, were not held. The format of many other events was changed, so that, despite the difficulties and uncertainties observed throughout the world today, we could maintain and develop business and partnership relations.

In view of the above, it has been decided to hold “Immersion”, an event for active Partners of the Company, in May 2021 in Turkey, where all necessary quarantine measures are observed, and as a result it is open for smart tourism. Indeed, Turkey is essentially the place where educational aspects of our event are naturally combined with an opportunity to have a good rest due to the unique climate conditions at this time of the year.

The participants of this event will be able to complete thematic trainings prepared by leading specialists of Simcord and leading external experts, and actually immerse in the atmosphere of unique and useful training programs, exchange of valuable experience, business networking and having a good rest in hospitable Turkey.

You can find detailed information about the event by following the link: http://promo.simcord.com/