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Masterclasses and Trainings at the Event “Five Years with UBK Markets!”

Masterclasses and Trainings at the Event “Five Years with UBK Markets!”

Simcord Company keeps holding a series of training courses in the context of the event “5 Years with UBK Markets!”.

Thus, the final third stage was held in Belek (Turkey) September 26 to September 28, 2015. Masterclasses and trainings were organized by the Company’s leading employees and coaching specialists of personal growth and self-development for UBK Markets Customers.

Trainings were held in one of the best hotels of Turkey Alva Donna Exclusive Hotel 5* on the following topics:

Manageable Leadership

  • Serhii Vsekhsviatskyi — international business coach from 1988 to present, author and host of training and coaching programs of the mentor and leadership technologies..

Art of Inspiring Yourself and the Others

  • Ihor Nezovybatko — actor, director, business coach. In 2006, he was awarded as “The Best Personal Growth Coach” in the “Professional” nomination by the International Association of Personal Development Professionals.
Представители форума

Strategic Vision of the System of Building Modern International Business in the Financial Field Based on Revolutionary Ideas Laid in the iPA Technology. Expanding New Level and iBroker Partnership Programs and Development Plans for 2016

  • Alexander Kud — Simcord CEO.

In addition, the following masterclasses were held during the entire event:

  • System of Employees’ Professional Development.
  • Innovations in Financial Management.
  • Tools of Leadership.
  • Availability and Advantages of Periodic Investment.
  • Recruiting and Internet Sales.
  • Correct Operation of iTC.
  • Visualization of the iPA Technology Operating Principles in Conversations with Potential Customers.

The chiefs of different directions of UBK Markets Company have become the speakers of masterclasses:

Maksym Balanchuk — Top Manager of the New Level Partnership Program, Chief Development Officer of New Regions. Leontii Oros — Chief of Kiev iTC.

Leontii Oros — Chief of Kiev iTC.

Gulzhiyan Simonovich — Chief of Central Asian and Balkan Direction of UBK Markets Development, Top Manager of the New Level 2.5 Partnership Program.

Sergii Lytvynenko — Simcord Deputy CEO of Marketing Technologies Research and Development.

At the event, more than 200 participants obtained specialized personal Certificates.