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Market Configuration Using Comprehensive Liquidity Management System

Market Configuration Using Comprehensive Liquidity Management System

Using a new Liquidity Management System (LMS) service developed by Simcord Company’s specialists allows implementing business processes that provide trade execution between liquidity providers (LP) and brokers using the iPro Server (trading server). Liquidity aggregation and control technology of quotes flow ensure supply of the best prices and fast execution of orders.

The configuration setting and execution of service procedures within the LMS, as well as monitoring the status and replenishing the providers’ accounts are carried out through the administration web-panel.

The service also includes:

  • choosing a provider from those already used or connecting to a new provider;
  • choosing the broker’s operating mode as a liquidity provider for other brokers;
  • choosing ways to combine providers for orders processing: at the best price, at the best volume, at the highest rate, re-processing in case of execution rejection;
  • enabling/disabling providers while maintaining the quality of order processing;
  • forming the price flow and schemes of order execution;
  • using the provider reservation scheme in case of its disconnection or unstable operation;
  • generating various types of reports for financial management of LP accounts as well as for monitoring the status of system components.

Using the LMS offers a wide range of opportunities to build a market of the required configuration with a high level of optimization for specific tasks.