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Major Results of Simcord Briefings

Major Results of Simcord Briefings

It has been four months since the previous series of international business meetings dedicated to the crowdsale stage in the Bitbon System was held.

Time flies quickly, and now we are ready to summarize the results of the second series of briefings Bitbon System — Smart Tool for Digital Future” dedicated to mining, Contributing and development of the Bitbon System infrastructure.

4 countries
8 cities
2,134 participants
156 unique questions

The number of the Bitbon System Participants is constantly growing worldwide, and everyone needs relevant and unique information. In order to reach the widest possible audience, the briefings were held by Alexander Kud and Sergii Lytvynenko, Marketing Director of Simcord.

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Each event was unique in its own way, but only one thing remained unchanged — a business-friendly environment with sincere and lively interest in everything that is being implemented in the Bitbon System.

Major Results of Simcord Briefings (2)

We would like to thank each participant for questions and offers, because the Bitbon System is created for progressive-minded people who strive to be the first in everything. It is very important for us to understand our Customers’ needs in order to follow the given vector of the Bitbon System development and the global development strategy of Simcord Company.

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The Simcord team would like to express special gratitude to organizers and Partners who distributed information on the briefings and provided maximum assistance in any questions. We would also like to emphasize the high level of our events, which is largely your merit.

We will continue to hold briefings on the most interesting themes on a regular basis, taking into account the intensity of the Bitbon System development and your interest shown in these themes.

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