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Major Results of International Business Meetings

Major Results of International Business Meetings

It has been several days since I had the briefing in Lviv as part of a series of business meetings dedicated to the Bitbon System crowdsale. It was a busy month and a half:

  • 9 cities;
  • 2508 active participants;
  • 94 unique questions.

All this helped me to better understand and develop a new approach to creating methodological materials, to better determine the direction for the development of the information field around the Bitbon System and to set the priorities of the Bitbon System and Simcord Company in a right way.

I would like to thank each participant for showing interest in all the processes of the Bitbon System. I am very pleased with the results of international briefings. It was very important to understand the needs of our Partners and Customers, namely, where to put the main focus on. Due to your activity, Simcord Company will increase the number of such meetings and will hold them regularly.

I would like to express my special gratitude to the organizers in each city for their hospitality and maximum assistance in absolutely any issue. I would like to emphasize that the organization level of our events was quite high, and in many respects it was your achievement.

I would also like to remind you that the annual event — Simcord Innovation Technologies 2019 will take place in Kiev, on September 25. The venue is the Parkovy Convention and Exhibition Center. For my speech, I have selected the most relevant topics of the world of digital economy and will explain the key points of the Bitbon System.

The topics of my speech are as follows:

  • Crypto industry overview. World tendencies, prospects and problems.
  • Step-by-step analysis of the Contributing process in the Bitbon System.
  • Legal basis of the Bitbon System in more than 20 economically developed countries of the world.
  • Hype cycle of the Blockchain technology, ICO and IBO.
  • Mining in the Bitbon System.

The second part of our meeting will be a briefing. During the briefing each person can ask me personally any questions that are interesting to him/her about the Bitbon System.

In addition, on October 17, I will have a business trip to Kazakhstan, Astana. I will take part in the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Astana. My speech will be dedicated to the real sector of economy in Kazakhstan. You can find more detailed information by clicking the link. I would like to invite all the people willing to join the event.

Once again, I would like to thank all the participants and organizers for their contribution to the Bitbon System development. Simcord Company continues to increase the development pace of its own technologies to achieve the set goals.

CEO of Simcord Alexander Kud