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Launching the Updated Bitbon Space Website

Launching the Updated Bitbon Space Website

On December 15, 2017, the updated official website www.bitbon.space was launched. It is another Internet resource created by Simcord experts.

In its main menu, you can check out new sections, which contain interesting and useful materials for all Bitbon System Participants — in Particular, information on how to cooperate with the Company and three main stages of integration of the real sector of economy into the new digital economy by means of Projectbon Public Contracts.

The website also contains new articles, which have appeared recently, in particular, the article “How the Bitbon System Participants Interact in the Contributing Process”. It illustrates in detail the mechanisms ensuring the functioning of the Bitbon System components as well as relations between the parties to the Projectbon Public Contract — Contractat, Bitup-Agency and Contributors. The term “Projectbon Public Contract” has been updated and now more accurately reflects its sense and meaning.

And most importantly, now you will have access to the Bitbon System development stages until 2025 and the development stages of the Bitbon Space mobile app from January 2018 to February 2020. Thus, each Bitbon System Participant will be able to track events happening in the System at any time.