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Launch of the iPA Service Based on the Unique Technology

Launch of the iPA Service Based on the Unique Technology

Another development of Simcord Company is the iPA technology as a key component of the iPA-System.

Launch of the iPA Service

This service provides access to an innovative model of capital management, which allows its participants to use the potential of financial markets at most. Within this system, iPA-Managers (providers) carry out their professional trading activity in a non-nominal account without risking their own funds. iPA-Investors (subscribers) have an opportunity to multiply their own capital by copying trading signals of the best iPA-Managers applying the iPA technology.

iPA (Intelligent Processing Algorithms) are algorithms of intelligent processing of trading signals generated by providers. The uniqueness of the iPA technology lies in the software module, which analyzes trading signals based on the basic algorithms of risk management in order to minimize potential risks and multiply the total profit. While processing trading signals, the algorithms determine a necessity to modify, block or use them in the initial form for further transmission to the iPA-Investor account.

Thus, an iPA-Investor can copy trading signals applying the original trading strategy of an iPA-Manager (Original) or applying algorithms of the iPA technology (Processed).