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iPro Marketplace — Trading and Analytical Platform of New Generation

iPro Marketplace — Trading and Analytical Platform of New Generation

Simcord Company has introduced a new development — iPro Marketplace trading and analytical platform (desktop). Meeting high standards of quality, stability and performance, the platform is easy-to-use due to the intuitive and user-friendly interface. The functionality implemented in iPro Marketplace allows changing the color scheme of graphic elements, increase the workspace and customize the visual component according to a user’s needs.

The platform includes a set of software components to trade effectively and easily in the financial markets:


Allows you to monitor the price movement, execute trades and analyze market situation using indicators, technical analysis tools and other means of analyzing market trends.


Allows you to analyze trading results using statistical and analytical data based on various indices. The summary information is conveniently structured and includes a visual graphical display for convenient and fast work.


Contains an extended set of tools for developing your own trading strategies based on the C# language and provides you with access to the source code library of all indicators and strategies of the iPro Marketplace platform.


The section is designed for the comprehensive testing and optimization of the developed trading strategies and indicators.


Allows you to effectively monitor trades executed by automated trading strategies and provides ample opportunities for carrying out efficient automated trading.

iPro Marketplace is a new generation trading and analytical platform, which integrates advanced technologies, comprehensive functionalities and unique interface solutions.