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Interview with Alexander Kud for Simcord Information Service Dated March 7, 2019

Interview with Alexander Kud for Simcord Information Service Dated March 7, 2019

Alexander, our Partners and Customers are actively expressing their interest in the news about the Bitbon System, particularly regarding the stage of cooperation with the National Academy of Legal Sciences of Ukraine. Could you share the latest information on the matter?

Yes, we already have some results of joint activity, and I have to say that, over the course of our cooperation, we have come to realize the direction we should take in order to achieve our mutual goals. While working on the document “Legal Nature of the Bitbon System”, we came to reconsider its structure and agreed on the need to simultaneously conduct another separate and extensive research. Thus, we began to work on a scientific and legal expert opinion “Digital Assets as an Object of Legal Regulation”. As a result, we will receive two documents at the same time.

What kind of information will the document “Digital Assets as an Object of Legal Regulation” contain?

This expert opinion is a serious research work on the concept of “Digital Asset”, its origin, definition of its properties and legal nature, as well as distinctions from crypto currencies. In addition, as part of this document, we will conduct a comparative analysis of legal regulation of crypto currencies and Digital Assets in different countries.

How do you evaluate the current pace of the Bitbon System development?

In order to answer that, all you need is to study the statistical data on the Blockchain. We can see the indicators of trading on the Bit Trade Exchange and the number of Participants, both of which continue to grow. And it is just the beginning, the Bitbon System is only gaining momentum. I am certain that the Bitbon System Users have a bright future ahead of them. Our team will continue to move in the chosen direction staying true to the quality standards that have become traditional to Simcord.

Alexander, what can you tell us about Simcord? Everybody understands that the success of the project directly depends on the team.

Of course, Simcord is also moving forward. We are growing and developing in every aspect. Soon it will be reflected on a fully updated official website of the Company. We have put a lot of effort into a brand new website interface doing everything in our power to provide convenience to our Users. In addition to that, the website will get a mobile version.


Will there be anything else added to the website aside from the updated design?

Yes, we will add a lot of interesting information about the Company itself and its areas of activity, social responsibility, cooperation opportunities and a lot more. I would also like to point out that the “Legal Information” section will be supplemented by the above-mentioned documents: “Legal Nature of the Bitbon System” and “Digital Assets as an Object of Legal Regulation”.

Now it’s time to ask about Bitbon Space. I think a lot of people are interested in the future of this resource.

According to the Bitbon System development plan, Bitbon Space will be fully updated, will get a modern and even more user-friendly interface. We will add new sections and articles containing a lot of interesting and useful information. We have also started preparing Bitbon Space for the implementation of Accounts for Users interested in developing their own business.

Bitbon Space

What can you tell us about such Accounts and their purpose?

It is important to understand that Bitbon Space is currently developing in a business-oriented nature. And we can already see the need for creating Accounts that would have a set of tools for conducting business activity, including that of Bitbon System Operators and Bitup-Agencies.

Alexander, what will Bitbon Space be in its core and what integration mechanisms are envisioned for the business field?

Updated Bitbon Space is an integral space of information about the Bitbon System and a universal platform for creating a new level of relations in social and economic fields. One of the components of the Bitbon System is an integration service, and Bitbon Space will be the one to contain complete information on the possibilities of client-oriented software and of integrating businesses by providing connection instructions, legal documents and access to the Bitbon System Accounts in the “Business” category with all the functions required to manage this service.

What other new features of Bitbon Space can you tell us about?

There will be an entire section dedicated to Audit and statistics. It will contain indices and quotes, program codes, registers, Blockchain statistics, as well as the data on the Bitbon System Capitalization. Another new section will be dedicated to mining and provide information about mining methods in the Bitbon System. The ability to view mining pools, information on pools’ capacity and other parameters of Consensus building mining will also be added. A separate section “Cooperation” will include all possible fields and areas of cooperation with the Bitbon System, information for businesses, Bitup-Agencies and Bitbon System Operators, developers, exchanges, lawyers, social organizations and governments.

Alexander, what else can you add on the subject of these updates to summarize it all?

These updates are not just large-scale, they are fundamental, laying a solid basis for further development. I would like to add that we are already working on creating a socially-oriented space of the Bitbon System called One Space, which will unite the community into a single social network and provide a possibility for convenient management of Digital Assets.