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Interview with Alexander Kud for Simcord Information Service Dated January 18, 2019

Interview with Alexander Kud for Simcord Information Service Dated January 18, 2019

This publication marks the start of a series of interviews with Alexander Kud, CEO of Simcord group of companies, aiming to systematically present current information when the Information Service of the Company receives questions from Partners and Customers.

Alexander, lately, Partners and Customers have been asking us: “When is the dynamic growth of the Bitbon price expected?”. What can you tell us about that?

I can say that I have been asked that same question during the recently held briefings, it is, shall we say, long overdue. I would like to answer it with specific statistics. From 2009 to 2018, investment services of Simcord group of companies brought our Customers a total profit of over 800% including annual capitalization!

I should also note that, in 2018 alone, the work in a new direction of Simcord Company — the Bitbon System — brought our Customers profit of more than 400%, which constitutes more than 1,200% from 2009 through 2018! We realize that we are still at the very start of the way but, considering our experience in financial field and previous indicators, I can confidently say that in 2019 the 400% indicator can at the very least be repeated or even surpassed.

Therefore, taking into account our long-term strategy (that is based on a number of indicators, which, obviously, include profit), I confidently declare a 100% result!

Could you briefly tell us what your confidence is based on?

First and foremost, Simcord today is a modern company with long-term strategic planning. We outline our work not one or two years, but decades ahead. We have a clear vision and understanding of the pace and direction that global markets develop in. Simcord Company has a flexible management system for both staff and projects. That is why I so confidently speak not only about stable prospects of key events planned for the coming year, but also about the implementation of all our planned stages in general.

Alexander, it’s great that you have mentioned the upcoming events. What can you tell us about the nearest prospects for 2019?

Firstly, I would like to remind you that Consensus building mining will be launched shortly, which will definitely attract great practical interest of the entire society. Expanding to other international exchanges will give a huge number of new Customers an opportunity to join us, which will result in the rising demand. And we know what follows demand — powerful and stable growth of the Bitbon price.

At the briefings held by Simcord, you spoke a lot about Contributing. What actions will be taken for its launch?

Yes, I concentrated a lot on this subject: explained the essence of it, described the mechanisms… First, the Asset Digitalization Procedure will take place within the Bitbon System, which will allow us to start the natural process of increasing the Bitbon System Capitalization by utilizing the real sector of economy as well as to make the first step towards the launch of Contributing.

Many Customers and Partners are wondering how the Bitbon Space mobile app will change in 2019.

We are planning a significant update of the Bitbon Space mobile app: we will add chat, call and Assetbox management functions. This will make the use of the mobile app a lot more effective. By the way, we will also launch a payment system based on the Bon Currency Protocol, and I will speak about it in detail at the annual event Simcord Innovation Technologies 2020.

Since you’ve mentioned the next year, 2020, what are the main events we should look forward to?

Firstly, it’s the launch of Contributing, a type of activity within the Bitbon System, which will allow participating in collective investment and implementing business projects. Secondly, the planned update of the global discount system that combines different fields of business into one common system of cumulative discounts and bonuses. And thirdly, the launch of a unified blockchain-based scientometric information space, which will allow people to effectively and competently manage copyright and scientific developments, as well as gain practical profit from it by providing other Bitbon System Participants with the rights to use the inventions for their developments.

Alexander, would you give us some insider information?

I can add that, within the next few weeks, the supplemented Bitbon System Public Contract will be published along with a significant update of terms and definitions of the Bitbon System. We are also preparing an article about the principles and mechanisms of Consensus building mining. All these updates will add clarity to goals and tasks of the Bitbon System for our Partners and Customers and contribute to a better understanding of the processes within it according to the development stages. With that same goal in mind, preceding the launch of Consensus building mining and the Simcord Innovation Technologies 2020 event, we will organize a meeting with our Partners in Riga (Latvia). Detailed information about this meeting will be announced at a later date.