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International Business Meetings with Alexander Kud

International Business Meetings with Alexander Kud

International business meetings dedicated to the Bitbon System crowdsale will take place in nine cities in different countries:

  • June 29 — Moscow;
  • July 1 — Kyiv;
  • July 3 — Chernihiv;
  • July 17 — Almaty
  • July 19 — Astana;
  • July 26 — Simferopol;
  • August 3 — Chişinău;
  • August 17 — Rivne;
  • August 19 — Lviv

As part of these meetings, information briefings “Bitbon System — Smart Tool for Digital Future” will be held with the participation of Simcord CEO Alexander Kud.

For two hours, each participant of the event will have a unique opportunity to ask Alexander Kud any questions regarding the Bitbon System and receive comprehensive answers.

By attending the briefing, the participants will be able to get valuable and detailed information that can be used to create and successfully promote their business under conditions of rapidly developing digital economy.

The number of seats is limited!

You can register for free participation here: