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Global Updates of the Company’s Official Resources — New Prospects of Successful Cooperation

Global Updates of the Company’s Official Resources — New Prospects of Successful Cooperation

Simcord Company follows the most progressive trends in the field of technologies for transformation of classic standards of the blockchain-based digital economy.

In an effort to comply with the new trends of the 21st century, we also clearly understand why it is necessary to constantly raise the standards of quality and improve all products and services for our Customers.

We take the matters of informational openness and transparency very seriously. We inform you that, on June 17, 2018, a large-scale update of our official resources will be conducted in order to provide the global community with a complex presentation of the Company’s main goals, results and types of activity. We truly believe that the work we have performed will allow everyone to learn and establish for themselves clear prospects of development together with Simcord.

Updates on the Simcord Official Website

New sections will be added on the official website of Simcord Company, thus, it will become more interactive and informative:

  • The “Structure” section will be added where the organizational system of interaction between all Company units according to principles of the matrix management structure will be presented. The adopted management model is aimed at optimization and acceleration of problem solving in order to implement high-quality products.
  • The Company will also officially present the information on the ISO 9001:2015 certificate obtained in the field of research and development for production of high-load blockchain-based software solutions, which documents the conformity of the current quality management system of Simcord Company with international norms and standards.
  • In order for our Partners and Customers to have a full understanding of all processes taking place in the Company, we will publish a description of main activities of Simcord: marketing, software development, intellectual property, Simcord group of companies, public activity, research and development, cooperation with external Partners and internal corporate culture. Each of these activities contains programs, which you can learn about in the new website section called “Activities”.
  • An integral part of building competent business processes and forming a strong goal-oriented team of professionals is a mature corporate culture. In the new “Life” section, we will share with you how the life of Simcord Company is organized, what opportunities our employees have and how all this contributes to our common success.
  • Simcord is an international company, its representative offices are located in different cities and countries of the world. We are evolving, and the number of our employees constantly grows — the Company needs highly qualified specialists. In this regard, we are launching an updated strategy for attracting new people, reaching set goals and fulfilling the mission of Simcord. Now on the official website there will be a new “Jobs” section, which will allow anyone to apply for an open position and join our team.
  • The “Legal Information” section is being further updated and now will contain a description of new Trademarks: Bitbon Crypto Value, Assetbox, iPA, Bitup, Bitup-Agency, Contributor and Contributing. The Company continues registering Trademarks in different countries of the world.
  • We have defined and published the general strategy of the Company development for the period of 2018–2035, and you can learn about it in the “Strategy” section.

Updates on the Bitbon Space Official Website

Next, we would like to tell you about the transformations regarding the official website of the Bitbon System — www.bitbon.space. As previously mentioned, the following additions will be introduced into the global marketing strategy of the Bitbon System published in the White Paper:

  • Now the homepage of the website will contain visual information on the Bitbon System crowdsale until October 10, 2018, which will display in the real-time mode the growth of the Bitbon price, the number of sold Bitbons as well as the number of Bitbons available for purchase.
  • In line with principles of transparency and open operational standards, the website www.bitbon.space. will provide information on the Bitbon System creator, its activity in the field of developing unique solutions as well as protection of intellectual property rights in the interests of the Company and all Bitbon System Users. You can view these materials by following the “Legal Information” link in the website footer.
  • In view of increased interest in the Bitbon System, we receive many emails with questions about the Bitbon System, its functioning mechanism and peculiarities. For example, in the last few months, we have processed over 10,000 messages from Customers, identified the most frequently asked questions and provided comprehensive answers. The new “FAQs” section will contain detailed information on the Bitbon System, its development prospects and the opportunities available to its Participants.

Also we would like to inform you that, for the next three months, we have planned several important updates and additions to the structure of the Bitbon Space website according to the strategy of the Bitbon System development published in the White Paper.

In conclusion, we would like to add that, when creating innovative solutions, our Company’s main priority is to provide our Customers and Partners with progressive opportunities for realizing their potential. That is why, when preparing for the large-scale update, we have utilized significant resources so that everyone could experience absolute advantages of cooperation with Simcord Company.

We pay great attention to feedbacks of all our Customers and Partners and try to take into consideration all your wishes. The Company does everything in its power to make sure that provided services fully match your interests. We encourage you to learn about all transformations on the above-mentioned websites and evaluate the interface solutions as well as practicality and effectiveness of added components. Also we ask you to share and distribute the information on evolutionary developments of Simcord Company so that, together, we could contribute to successful development of the Bitbon System and faster transition to the era of new digital economy.