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Global Update of the Bitbon Space Website

Global Update of the Bitbon Space Website

Today is the day of the previously announced global update of the official information resource of the Bitbon System — Bitbon Space website. An entirely new website will allow you to get the complete understanding of the mechanisms and processes laid down in the Bitbon System because now the information is provided in two levels, one of which is more simple and comprehensive, whereas the other is more detailed and technical.

With this update, Bitbon Space received not only modern and ergonomic design and user-friendly interface, but also advanced technical and information architecture for implementing the functionality laid down in the Bitbon System.

Moreover, the Bitbon System White Paper has been updated, presented as a dynamic resource, which will be constantly supplemented and updated in order to fully reflect the progress in the development of the Bitbon System.

The “Bitbon Protocol” section has been added, which contains the documents that confirm the legal nature of the Bitbon System:

  • Bitbon Protocol, which is the foundation for the legally protected implementation of the owner’s property right to the Bitbon digital asset in accordance with all accepted international standards, establishes the type, category, properties and nature of the token’s circulation, its accounting definition, taxation, confirms the backing of Bitbon by real assets and allows classifying Bitbon as an intangible asset (IA) in accounting in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and, therefore, allows using Bitbon in the current international legal field;
  • Appendices to the Bitbon Protocol: scientific and legal opinions, Bitbon System Public Contract and a number of other documents, which determine the legal nature of the Bitbon System.

Information on One Space mobile app has also been added, which is a socially-oriented resource of the Bitbon System that allows managing digital assets, and in the future it will be updated with the required functionality and set of tools for communication, conducting business, attracting investors and participating in the development of the Bitbon System.

Thus, through the published materials, the updated Bitbon Space will provide better understanding of the principles and mechanisms of interaction of Bitbon System Users with the real sector of economy on the new market of information resources, products and services based on distributed ledger technologies.