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From Innovative Ideas to Their Implementation Simcord Innovation Technologies 2018

From Innovative Ideas to Their Implementation Simcord Innovation Technologies 2018

Every year, Simcord Company holds the main Event, and we are glad to invite you to Simcord Innovation Technologies 2018.

Our unique Event will be held in a unique country — sunny Kazakhstan, in the city of Almaty. It is no coincidence that we have planned to organize and hold such a long-awaited Event in the part of the world where established traditions coexist with modern trends, and historical and cultural heritage is in harmony with global innovative processes.

First of all, we would like to inform you that, due to particular importance and value of the presented information, the first and second part of the Event will be conducted by the Company’s founder and its main ideologist — Alexander Kud. At the Event, you will be provided with very interesting facts and useful materials. In particular, you will find out which fundamental cutting-edge technologies are laid down in the operating principle of the Blockchain and which innovative digital solutions developed by the Company’s specialists enable the Bitbon System Users to transfer Bitbons.

Dynamic changes in the world trends, globalization of electronic technologies and the Company’s desire to hold leading positions naturally encourage us to rapidly develop and enter the next level of evolution with each new product.

We will gladly share with you our practical experience gained over the past year — we are looking forward to seeing you at Simcord Innovation Technologies 2018! We invite you to visit our Event where you will meet like-minded people and friends and enjoy the remarkably warm atmosphere of the southern capital of Kazakhstan, which inspires by its uniqueness, exotic nature and traditional hospitality.

You can find out more about the Event and contact us for advice by Email: [email protected]

See you soon at Simcord Innovation Technologies 2018!