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Current Tasks of the Bitbon System for the Next Six Months

Current Tasks of the Bitbon System for the Next Six Months

Due to the successful crowdsale completion, we would like to inform all Bitbon System Users about the plans and tasks of the Bitbon System for the next six months. The purpose of this small roadmap is to provide the Bitbon System Users with all necessary information for financial planning and receiving benefits from using the Bitbon System.

It is important to note that the Bitbon System is only gaining momentum. Right now, we are starting comprehensive works on expanding the project infrastructure required to enter the markets of Asia, the USA and Europe, as well as to ensure the possibility of serving millions of the Bitbon System Users worldwide.

We would like to provide you with a detailed plan of the Bitbon System development for the next few months. We plan to:

  • expand the Bitbon System network by connecting new servers (nodes). It is necessary to increase the decentralization level of the Bitbon System infrastructure and the safety of data storage as well as to introduce individual mining;
  • complete research activities and obtain a scientific and legal opinion from the National Academy of Legal Sciences of Ukraine on the subject “Legal Nature of the Bitbon System’s Functioning”, which should strengthen the international status of Bitbon;
  • publish separate Appendices from Clause 11 of the Bitbon System Public Contract: “Policy of Rights and Freedoms of the Bitbon System Participants”, “Anti-Money Laundering Provisions”, “Resolving Bitbon and/or Projectbon Inheritance Issues in the Bitbon System”;
  • supplement White Paper and update its graphical presentation due to the significant infrastructure growth of the Bitbon System;
  • hold a series of briefings dedicated to mining, Contributing and the Bitbon System development for the next six months. The briefings will be held by Alexander Kud in Almaty on December 3, in Astana on December 6 and in Kyiv on December 9;
  • update the Bitbon Space mobile app to the level at which Users will be able to get access to their Assetboxes via smartphones, which will provide the Bitbon System Users with additional comfort in managing their Bitbons;
  • prepare the launch of mining in April 2019, the main goal of which is to ensure consensus in the Bitbon System, where the Bitbon System Users can earn Bitbons by voting and signing blocks.

According to the global marketing strategy, after the launch of mining, Bitbons will be listed on other exchanges, which, of course, will lead to an increase in demand for Bitbons and attraction of new Users.