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3-Stage Course of Training Programs “Business Fundamentals with UBK Markets”

3-Stage Course of Training Programs “Business Fundamentals with UBK Markets”

Due to the coming fifth anniversary of the international UBK Markets brokerage company, Simcord organized many thematic events with up-to-date trainings and practical seminars for UBK Markets Customers.

These training programs are divided into 3 stages. The first stage was held in Kemer (Turkey) from October 9 to October 12, 2014.

A special coaching seminar was held in 5* Hotel Premier Palace and conducted by top UBK Markets and Simcord specialists and leaders:

Maksym Balanchuk (Chief Development Officer of New Regions, Top Manager):

  • How to Use New UBK Markets Possibilities for Increasing Your Income.

Leontii Oros (Chief of Kiev Information and Training Center, Top Manager):

  • The Strategy of Career Development Using New Possibilities of the New Level 2.5 Marketing Plan in Attracting iPA-Managers.
3-этапный курс обучающих программ

Gulzhiyan Simonovich (Chief of Central Asian and Balkan Direction of UBK Markets Development, Top Manager):

  • Practical Partner Training in Technology of Building Successful Business with UBK Markets.

Sergii Lytvynenko (Simcord Deputy CEO of Marketing Technologies Research and Development):

  • Professional Presentation of UBK Markets Financial Opportunities.
  • Practical Technique of Negotiation with Customers.

Alexander Kud (Simcord CEO):

  • Concept of UBK Markets Development for the Next Three Years.
  • Perspective of Cooperation with UBK Markets in the Status of Chief of Information and Training Center.
  • Discussion about Technology of Capital Formation with UBK Markets.

At the end of the special coaching seminar, more than 220 participants of the event obtained Certificates.