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Conference “Introducing the Bitbon System”

Conference “Introducing the Bitbon System”

Simcord Company keeps up with the times and continues creating its own innovative products and opening up new activities.

On April 1, 2017, the information conference “Introducing the Bitbon System” was held in Kyiv.

The conference was attended by 577 participants; among them was Alexander Kud, CEO of Simcord.

In his speech, Alexander Kud briefly talked about the history of crypto currencies, presented the Bitbon System and summarized main development areas. During the briefing, the guests saw a clear prospect of the Bitbon System application.

The participants of the conference learned about the value of the Bitbon System as an entirely new concept, which combines advantages of existing financial technologies and cutting-edge digital developments and gives rise to a new philosophy of the modern world development.

Conference “Introducing the Bitbon System”