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Simcord Company is the developer and the founder of the Bitbon System

Bitbon System
Bitbon System

Integral decentralized blockchain-based platform

Bitbon Digital Asset

Unit for measuring the exchange value of all digital assets

Bitbon System is an integral blockchain-based decentralized information system, which allows its Users to fully own their assets, i.e. to record their property right to assets in the form of their unique digital copies by completing the Asset Digitization Procedure in order to implement accounting and management as well as safe and equal exchange of the given assets between the Bitbon System Users without intermediaries and money. The key component of the Bitbon System is Bitbon.

The Bitbon System is based on an innovative method of using values in the form of information resources through the Asset Digitization Procedure and the Right to the right principle.

Legal nature of the Bitbon System is based on three underlying principles:

Legal regulation of digital assets of the Bitbon System

Legal regulation of digital assets of the Bitbon System is ensured by documents that establish the functioning of the Bitbon System.

The legal regulation model laid down in the Bitbon System fully corresponds with the existing international legal norms and does not require new legislative initiatives.

The Bitbon System as an information system for accounting digital assets and forming mutually beneficial legal and economic relations

Being a token of access, the Bitbon digital asset provides the Bitbon System Users with the right to access all the possibilities and resources of the information platform of the Bitbon System.

As a key component of the Bitbon System, the Bitbon digital asset has a property of an exchange value of all digital assets in the Bitbon System, which ensures the formation of mutually beneficial economic and legal relations between the Bitbon System Users.

Right to the right principle, which is based on operating the right to the information resource that is derivative of the right to a value, while the value itself remains in possession of its owner

The Asset Digitization Procedure is a know-how of Simcord and allows the Bitbon System Users to perform secure and fair exchange of digital assets backed by the right to a value.

A unique feature of digital assets of the Bitbon System lies in the nature of their backing, which is formed through the Asset Digitization Procedure and the Right to the right principle laid down in the Bitbon System.

Areas of Application of the Bitbon System

The Bitbon System is intended to be used in financial and economic fields, law and insurance, business activity, trade and logistics, social, cultural and other areas. The Bitbon System provides an opportunity to manage rights to assets, evaluate and transfer property rights to different kinds of assets including movable and immovable property, machinery and production equipment, bank deposits, copyright, financial instruments, securities, know-how, trademarks, shares in statutory funds and other companies, shares in various projects with legal and natural persons and other assets.

In general, the Bitbon System covers all areas of human and state activity on transnational scale.

Simcord Company offers various ways of interacting with the Bitbon System

One Space

One Space

Mobile and web platform for managing digital assets

  • Access to a decentralized exchange of digital assets between Users without intermediaries and money
  • Ability to transfer digital assets in exchange for goods and services
  • Communication of the Bitbon System Users (chats, calls and exchange of messages)
  • Interactive access to the news channel of the Bitbon System

Bitbon Space

Bitbon Space

Official website of the Bitbon System for cooperation and business

  • Complete and the most relevant information about the Bitbon System
  • Mutually beneficial and long-term cooperation with exchanges, banks, businesses, etc.
  • Business activity using all the opportunities and tools of the Bitbon System