We do not wait for the future to
happen. We build it today.

Simcord — creating a new reality

The world is changing at an incredible pace,
and this world is as dynamic as it is amazing
by versatile spheres of human activity.
How to do so that each person from a variety of solutions
offered choose the ones that will change life for the better —
fill it with meaning, interest and success?


Alexander Kud
Founder and CEO of Simcord.

Creating new technologies — is the most progressive direction. Companies, which do constant research and development work in this field, define new trends. This inevitably leads to the emergence of new opportunities for each person.

A variety of means and conditions to achieve life goals are increasing every day. Even today, you can observe how well-established processes are being simplified, automated and become more and more available.

However, there are many other alternative ways to meet the individual needs.

“To change profitably the usual form, to highlight the key points, to explore traditional phenomena in order to create innovations in future — this is the core of progress.”

Our Company
is involved in creating
unique solutions.
Our Company undertakes its activity in the field
of creating unique solutions
. We support the research,
but “Science for science” is not our principle.
The ultimate goal of all our developments is usefulness,
usability and accessibility for each person
We have done our best to provide each person with the opportunity
to effectively make profit with the help of our innovative tools,
which have no analogues in the world.
Our life means progressive ideas, creative approach,
technological superiority and rapid development.
These things unite us and encourage others to join our cohesive team of like-minded people.
We create a new reality — a reality which has sense, true values and a strong belief in our future.

We do our best to provide everyone with these benefits.
We not just sincerely believe in our idea, but build this future today.