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Follow-Up Report on the Bitbon System Start-Up Development

Follow-Up Report on the Bitbon System Start-Up Development

Simcord, as the developer of the Bitbon System infrastructure, has updated its report for the Community on the work done in 2023 to implement the Bitbon System start-up and plans for 2024. In terms of the accomplished tasks, the start-up’s readiness for a full-fledged commercial implementation is 76%.

The Bitbon System as a start-up is currently going through its fourth out of five development stage — the expansion stage, which includes a whole range of updates. The result of work for a period of 2022–2023 was the launch of the following services:

  • One Space;
  • Bitbon System Authentication;
  • Exchange Request for Bitbon (ERBB).

MVP versions of some key components and services planned to be launched until the end of 2024 have also been developed:

  • E-commerce Deal Accounting Complex;
  • User advertisements;
  • Regional Operator;
  • Meta Studio DE;
  • “Verified” ID Passport category.

The report also focuses on components and services being developed and planned to be implemented at the expansion stage:

  • account container;
  • Bitbon Service Registration;
  • meta-assets;
  • AURA (Aggregate User Reputation Assessment);
  • User account certificate;
  • Corp Space;
  • sharding and providing in network segments.

Now, the presentation on the Bitbon System as a start-up contains a separate slide dedicated to the One Space Roadmap. Since the functionalities of this base service of the Bitbon System largely contribute to an increase in the number of its Users and, as a result, a significant economic effect from their interaction within the ecosystem of services.

It is worth noting that the launch of the above components and services as well as the possibility of using new personal tools for Users, such as meta-assets (metafiles, metaresources, metadocuments and metacontracts), will ensure the planned transition of the Bitbon System start-up to a full-fledged commercial implementation.

You can study the relevant presentation providing aggregate information on the Bitbon System as a start-up by following the link: